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Cub Scout Ranks

Within a Cub Scout pack, there are several divisions, or ranks, that generally separate the scouts by age. Below is a list of scout rankings, along with the age guidelines.

Lion Cubs - Kindergartener Boys and Girls

Tiger Cubs - First Grade Boys and Girls

Wolf Cubs - Second Grade Boys and Girls

Bear Cubs - Third Grade Boys and Girls

Webelos I - Fourth Grade Boys and Girls

Webelos II - Fifth Grade Boys and Girls

Before achieving any Cub Scout rank, the scout must first earn the Bobcat Badge. To earn the badge, the scout must be able to:

- Recite the Scout Oath, the Scout Law, and the Cub Scout Motto, and tell what they mean.

- Show the Cub Scout salute, handshake, and sign, and tell what they mean.

- Show that they understand the importance of being trustworthy and honest.