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Leader Checklist

Checklist for Leaders for Service Unit Camping

 _____ Is the troop leader/adviser aware of, willing, and able to meet applicable GSUSA and GSCCC policies, standards and procedures as outlined in Safety Activity Checkpoints and Volunteer Essentials?

_____ Are there enough adults accompanying the girls (ratios in Volunteer Essentials)?

_____ Is there a troop leader/adviser or adult accompanying the troop who has completed New Leader training:
  Girl Scouting 101
  Program Basics (or equivalent)

_____ Is there a troop leader/adviser or adult accompanying the troop who is currently certified in first aid/CPR?

_____ Has an adult or Senior/Ambassador Girl Scout accompanying troop completed Basic Troop Camp Overnight training or Cabin Camping training?

_____ If vehicles and drivers are used:
  • Are vehicles and drivers licensed?
  • Are vehicles insured?
  • Are drivers "safe" drivers?
  • Do the vehicles have a current safety sticker?
  • Do the vehicles have enough seats and seat belts for each person?
  • Will there be a booster or car seat for each person under age eight?
  • Has each driver completed the "Driver for a Girl Scout Activity" application?
  • Will drivers have a "car packet?" (Includes Health History & signed Permission Slips for each girl, Emergency Procedures card and Basic Accident Insurance form)
  • Will drivers have maps/directions in each vehicle?
  • Will drivers have a way to contact trip leader/adviser?
  • Will drivers have emergency contact person information?

_____ Will the troop be taking along:
  • First aid kit?
  • Health History forms and signed Permission Slips for each girl?
  • Signed Parent Permission slips for all girls?
  • Council Emergency Procedures information?

_____ Are the planned activities of good quality or just a way to spend group money?
  • Do they have a purpose?
  • Is there an opportunity for fun, learning, personal growth, sharing with others and/or service?
  • Do the activities enrich ongoing troop goals?

_____ If money is involved:
  • Does the budget make sense?
  • Are expenses appropriate, reasonable and realistic?
  • Is money being spent on the GIRLS?
  • Is the trip affordable to all troop members?

_____ Are adults willing to accept the responsibilities of the trip?

_____ Have the girls been involved in the planning process?

_____ Is the trip/activity appropriate to the age and experience of the girls? Are girls/troop "ready?"

_____ Does an emergency contact have
  • a list of all trip participants
  • emergency contact information for each girl
  • trip itinerary
  • a way to contact trip leader/adviser?


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General Rules:

1) No driving to the campsite. Walk your gear to the site. Use one cart per troop for troop equipment only.  Return cart as soon as you unload gear. No one is to walk between the handle and the cart, sit, stand or ride in the carts.

2) Girls carry their own gear. Have the girls pack in buckets, backpacks and/or duffel bags with straps or handles. Check girl gear with parents before coming to camp. Wheeled duffels or luggage carts may help smaller girls.

3) No character/play sleeping bags. Temperatures require real sleeping bags or at least 3 winter blankets, 2 for bed roll and 1 for extra warmth. A plastic drop cloth will block the draft through the floor if not using cots.

4) Shoes must be worn at all times. NO OPEN SHOES of any kind including flip flops, Crocs, sandals, slippers, sock feet, or bare feet. Flip flops may be worn inside the bathhouse, but not to and from the bathhouse.

5) No glass containers for personal or troop equipment.

6) Two adults (one has to be female) are to be with girls. The buddy system is in effect at all times and girls must be within adult eyesight.  Exception to this rule applies at night when girls need to go to the bathhouse; send two girls rather than one adult with one girl.

7) Fires are to be supervised by a camp trained person; when finished, fires are to be completely extinguished.  No plastic, loose clothing, or unsecured long hair in the fire circles. Do not enter a fire circle without permission.

8) No insect repellent near the tents and never touch the inside of a wet tent. Insect repellent must be nonaerosol.

9) No running in camp. Walk around the tents and fire circles.

10) Troop noise and games should not disturb camp neighbors. Observe ‘All Quiet’ listed on the camp schedule. (10:30 pm -7:00 am)

11) Keep your site clean.

12) There are no designated smoking areas within camp. If some of your troop adults are smokers, they are to use their own car’s ashtray, and may not smoke in the presence of girls.

13) Absolutely no alcohol.

14) Challenge course is OFF LIMITS!

Helpful Hints:
1) Dress for the weather. Layers will be helpful since they can be removed if you get warm.
2) Don't forget your sit-upon.
3) Bring plenty of toilet paper. Camp does not always supply it.
5) Bring plenty of large trash bags. They have many potential uses.
6) Cell Phones will be our main means of communication. Remember to bring extra batteries or a charger.
7) We are required to have a fire drill at camp. Know and practice the proper procedure with your campers.

Men in Camp:
We will have men at camp. To ensure the safety of the girls and the dads, here are some guidelines.
1) Dads are to sleep in the same campsite in their own tent, within sight of the leader’s tent. If in a cabin, the men should be in a separate room.
2) The leaders SHOULD KNOW where the men are at all times.
3) If there is only one bathhouse in or near your site, a female adult must “guard” the bathroom when a male adult needs to use the facilities.  Clear the bath house, and then post a guard.  Latrines may be reserved for use only by the men.

Chain of Command:
Each troop has a designated person in charge of how and when things will be done for the troop.  This is the camp trained adult.  If you have a suggestion or question about an established procedure, talk to the camp trained person away from the rest of the group.  She is working under guidelines set by the service unit camp consultant and the Girl Scout Council of Colonial Coast.  She may welcome your suggestion, or advise you that your suggestion conflicts with Girl Scout procedures.

Trained activity leaders at the pond and challenge course have complete authority at those sites.  They are trained and responsible for your safety.  If you have a concern about the activities please inform the Camp Consultant.  Do not distract the activity leaders with your concerns.

The service unit has a Camp Consultant.  She has the final say on everything.  She is in charge of how and when things happen in camp.  If you have a concern that cannot be addressed by the troop camp trained adult, please take a moment to speak privately to her. 

Emergency Procedures:
Troop first aiders are to handle minor incidents, record them on your check out form, and notify camp consultant.  Camp consultant will have final say regarding aid provided.

Sites will check out with SU representative or camp caretaker as a unit.  If two troops are sharing the site, no one leaves until the site has been inspected by us.  Please, leave it cleaner than you found it.  Clean up litter, trash, and dirty shelters and cabins.

Have fun!
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