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Always the 1st Saturday of December on Main Street

2015 Christmas & Holiday Parade

Gloucester-Mathews Girl Scouts
Service Unit 130

Parade Unit Number:  55
Line Up Number: Row F - #55
Check-In Time: 2:00 - 2:15 pm

Check-In Information
In order to have an organized and safe parade set-up, we must make sure our unit arrives at our ASSIGNED TIME (2:00 - 2:15 pm) at the Check-In area designated on the map (attached and below). All participants in our group must know our Unit Number (55). Any “drop-offs” will need to report to Check-In, where they will be directed to our line up position.

It is important that you are at Check-In at the specified time in order to get everyone in place in a timely manner.

We can not make any changes to our entry as our line up space has been pre-determined based on the information provided on our entry form.

In the event of inclement weather, updates can be found on the PlayLine at 693-5811 or on the Gloucester Parks, Recreation & Tourism Facebook Page.

Rules & Guidelines
~ The parade is an “ALL FORWARD MOTION” event with no planned stops. Performing groups should choreograph routines accordingly. Parade Marshals have the authority to manage the gap between entries.
~ State law prohibits ANY objects (i.e., candy, balloons, food, etc.) being thrown from parade units. Walkers may HAND out items to spectators at the street curb.
~ A minimum distance of 15 feet between entries should be followed at all times.
~ Drivers of motorized units must possess a valid Drivers License.
~ Drivers’ vision to the front and sides (180 degrees field of view) should not be obstructed.
~ No gunning or revving of motors.
~ No sirens or horns as you pass the SunTrust Bank until Justice Drive as this can interfere with sound equipment.
~ Riding on truck gates in the down position in any manner is prohibited.
~ Participants may not ride perched on top of pickup truck bed sides or on car hoods.
~ Participants may not jump onto or off any parade apparatus, moving or stopped, at any time during the parade.
~ Parade participants are required to operate all wheeled vehicles/equipment in established parade zone only, and maintain a buffer of at least 6 feet from all spectators.

FLOATS (flatbeds or towed trailers):
~ The above General Rules for Participation apply.
~ Towed vehicles shall have all windows in the down position as communication with the driver is essential. Please note that amplified music may compete with the driver’s attention.
~ Trailers shall have operational brake lights, be a maximum of 10 feet wide, and maintain a ground clearance of at least 10 inches. Trailer hitch mechanisms shall be friction pinned or locked in the closed position when attached to the tow vehicle.

~ The above General Rules for Participation apply.
~ It is the responsibility of the parade participant to provide cleanup of all animal waste. This includes in the lineup area, during the parade, and at disassembly.

Disregarding these rules will be grounds for removal from the parade and/or suspension from future parades.

Parks, Recreation & Tourism thanks you for helping create a safe and enjoyable parade experience for everyone.
Questions? Call Parks, Recreation & Tourism at (804)693-2355 or

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