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Cub Scout Pack 140
(Elk City, Oklahoma)
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Cub Scout Pack 140 Elk City, OK


Camping Rules and guidelines

We do like to be in the outdoors and to camp, it is lots of fun and you can learn a lot. We do have some guidelines and rules pertaining to the outdoors and camping.


Day camp and activity’s do not require a scout to be accompanied by a parent (except Tigers) We do occasionaly go on field trips, day camp, spook-o-ree and so on. We go to these events year round, which means that you will need to make sure your scout has the proper attire for the conditions. Please make sure your scout has the proper equipment for that outing.


Your scout will be needing the following equipment for outings, please remember that you do not need to buy the biggest and best these are young boys who will probably loose their equipment in the begining. I suggest finding some older Items from home, garage sales, or the sporting good stores. Just remember they do not have to have the best.


Next I suggest to provide your scout with something to keep the gear together, Once again it does not have to be fancy or expensive. Last years school backpack, a school backpack on sale after school starts, a duffel bag, an old pillow case. He just needs some thing to keep it together.


Here is a list of things that your scout will need for his out door activity’s, If you plan to attend the activity’s then you will need the same equipment, as well as siblings.


For day time outings.

  1. Plastic cup and carbiner to attach to his belt loop.

  2. Canteen or water bottle with strap

  3. Flash light with clip to attach to his belt loop.

  4. It might be a good idea to bring a camera if your child will take care of it and keep up with it, this may be beater suited for older scouts and adults. Please remember that no pictures should be taken of any one with less than the proper attire.

  5. Sunscreen.

I would suggest the following additional items for overnight trips.

  1. sleeping bag (this needs to be a bag designed for out doors and of the proper weight for the time of year we are camping)

  2. Camp stool or chair. If you or your scout does not bring a stool or chair than please do not take over some one else seat. Some leaders bring extra that you are welcome to sit in, you can use ice chest and other equipment suited for seating, or sit on the ground. It is not fair to campers who bring there chair and to have someone else siting in it every time they go to set in it. This should even apply to scouts who came prepared, they should not be asked to give up there seat for an adult who was not prepared.

  3. Tent If you do not have a tent we may be able to loan you one for the first few trips.

  4. Proper foot wear with socks.  No open toe shoes.  Sore feet can ruin a trip for a scout.

    Weblos leaders may ask that the scouts bring a personal mess kit, silverware, compass or other more advanced camp gear.

  5. All Pack overnighters requires at least one registered adult leader to be Baloo certified.

  6. All Webelos den overnighters requires at least one registered adult leader be Owls certified.