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Cub Scout Pack 83
(Eastlake, Ohio)
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Responsibilities & Expectations

Participation and expectations on the part of the Scouts is pretty straight forward. The Scouts are expected to attend all Den and Pack meetings. Scouts should arrive on time, not late and not early. If the parent or guardian does not stay for the meeting, they should return promptly at the scheduled ending time of the meeting to assist with cleaning up and pick up the Scout.

It is the Scout’s responsibility to find out what was missed, especially any information that was dispersed. Good behavior is expected at all Scouting functions and activities. This includes showing respect of Leaders, adults and other Scouts, quietly listening to instructions, information and others that are speaking. Parents are expected to encourage, support and assist their Scout as they work on achievements. All parents are to share in the efforts of their Den and the Pack. The Den Leader and Assistant are coordinators. Each parent will share the work and accomplishments in providing this terrific program for the Scouts. The parents are responsible to deal with any behavior problem identified by the Den Leaders.

The Scouts and parents should expect the Den Leader and Assistant Den Leader to be prepared to work with you, and keep you informed about what is happening within the Den and Pack. All Cub Scout leaders are expected to follow all scouting rules, regulations and guidelines without exception. The National level of Scouting has policies to protect the Scouts, the Leaders and the program. They may not always be convenient, but they have a purpose and are not to be excused for any reason. Whoever participates in a Scouting activity must comply with these policies.

If you are not satisfied with the program or performance of your Den, don’t sit back, contact the Cubmaster or Pack Committee Chairman and volunteer immediately.