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Cub Scout Pack 83
(Eastlake, Ohio)
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Crush, Bag and Repeat!

Members of Pack 83 and their families are doing their best to be green and Earth friendly! We are collecting and recycling aluminum cans year round and turning them in to reduce the amount of cans in our landfills. Since 2011 the families of pack 83 have collected over 1000 pounds in aluminum cans! (Now that's alot of cans!) congratulations to everyone!

We will use the funds collected from the collection of the cans, to put towards awards and activities for the Scouts of Pack 83.

Families of Pack 83, please remember to keep collecting and crushing those cans! It keeps them out of our landfills and it is the world's best zero effort fundraiser for our Scouts.

We will announce multiple times during the year, when to bring your cans to a Pack meeting for turn-in and recycling.

Thanks again and keep up the great work!