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Cub Scout Pack 210
(Walnut Creek, California)
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Want to see scouting in action? Take a look at some of the events we've caught on camera. 

School Beautification

The scouts and families of Pack 210 poured hours of time and mounds of energy into Walnut Creek's Community Service Day.  The scouts chose the project, "Beautify Walnut Acres," the elementary school that is home to a majority of Pack 210 scouts.  On October 6th, 2012, scouts and their friends and families installed irrigation, cleared weeds, and installed plants, mulch and compost.

Loop the Lake

On October 14, dozens of venturesome Scouts from Pack 210 navigated orienteering courses around Lake Anza at Tilden Park, in the Berkeley Hills.  This was the 20th annual Scout-O Orienteering challenge hosted by the Bay Area Orienteering Club.

Capturing Summer Fun

Every year the Scouts of Pack 210 blow off some summer steam on the last Sunday before school with an all-out Capture-the-Flag frenzy.  On August 26th the boys (and sisters and friends) chased each other around the park for an hour, but sadly were unable to coax their parents onto the field for a round or two.

Raingutter Regatta

This year's Raingutter Regatta was a great success. Held August 5th at Walnut Acres, the kids had a great time with their boats and lets not forget the 10 foot ice cream sundae! 2 gallons of ice cream (1 chocolate and 1 vanilla), 2 cans of whipped cream, 2 cans of chocolate syrup (the good kind too) and 1 large jar of cherries! It was a whopper and it was enjoyed by all! The newspaper hats were a hit too!

Flags for Veterans' Graves on Memorial Day

Pack 210 scouts proudly placed flags and ribbons on the graves of US armed services veterans on Memorial Day, May 28th, at the Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Lafayette.

Wolf Weekend - Camping at Del Valle

What a weekend!  Camping, hiking, fishing, campfire skits and songs.  On May 5th-6th scouts from Pack 210 enjoyed Del Valle Regional Park, near Livermore.  

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Monterey Bay Aquarium "Sleeping with the Fishes"

On the night of Friday, April 20th, Scouts from Pack 210 spent the evening with the sea creatures who live at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Share your photos!  Click here to send by email (email subject line must be Monterey Aquarium 2012).  Or if you prefer, give them to Chad Jordahl (by email, WeTransfer, CD/DVD)

Pack Meeting, April 18th

Contribute your photos in whatever way works best for you:
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Pinewood Derby 2012

On the night of Friday, January 20th, Scouts, siblings, and parents from Pack 210 ran their pinewood creations down the track to find out whose car was the fastest in the pack. 

Here are the race and design winners from Pack 210's 2012 Pinewood Derby.

Design Awards
As voted by the customers and employees of Lawrence Volvo
Most Original
Marcus Monaldo, car #190
Most Realistic
Kevin Myers, car #164
Judge's Choice
Ben Smith, car #185
Design Grand Prize
Sam Butler, car #130

Race Winners
1st - Logan Sommerville, #188
2nd - Adam Burkes, #187
3rd - Kevin Myers, #164
Webelos II
1st - Patrick Chesnutt, #149
2nd - Jack Morrissey, #159

3rd - Mitchell Chang, #147
Webelos I
1st - Evan Tomlinson, #160
2nd - Stefano Padoan, #174

3rd - Erick Prough, #175
1st - Kenny Webb, #204
2nd - Jack Vanderbeek, #199

3rd - Joey Moler, #128
1st - Nate Sullivan, #134
2nd - Nick Powell, #143

3rd - Samuel Leto, #230
1st - Mark Morrissey, #238
2nd - Jack Connolly, #148

3rd - Ian Sunbury, #217

Congratulations everybody!

Share your photos!  Click here to send by email (email subject line must be Pinewood Derby 2012).  Or if you prefer, give them to Chad Jordahl (by email, WeTransfer, CD/DVD)

Tigers in the Pumpkin Patch

Tiger Den 7 enjoys their very first Go See It at the Clayton ValleyPumpkin Patch, where they ground corn, "milked" a cow, learned aboutsome farming and enjoyed the haystack maze and lima bean pools.

19 October, 2011

I'm Not Lost, I'm Orienteering!

On October 9th scouts from Pack 210 participated in the 2011 Scout-O Orienteering Challenge.  They used their compasses, maps, and their wits to find their way through miles of hiking in Briones Regional Park.

Scouts from Dens 5 and 9 navigated Course 1, as seen in this interactive map. (Green marker was the start, red marker the finish.)

Good Turn! Scouts Beautify Walnut Acres

In another Good Turn community service activity, Pack 210 scouts added their energy to the Walnut Creek Community Service Day by planting and cleaning up at Walnut Acres Elementary School on October 1st.

If you have additional photos to share, please contact Chad Jordahl or simply email them to

Scout Rocketeers - Rocket Day 2011

Pack 210's annual Rocket Day was a blast!  On September 11th at Arbolado Park in Walnut Creek, the boys (and some sisters) customized their rockets and shot them into the sky, propelled by jets of compressed air.

National Public Lands Day on Mt. Diablo

Pack 210 Cub Scouts helped raise awareness for National Public Lands Dayon Sat Sep 24th. Here they are helping keep our region's Mt. Diablo State Park clean by picking up trash aroundthe campsites. Volunteers and rangers also spoke with the group aboutthe guidelines of Leave No Trace Awareness.

24 September, 2011

Pack 210 USS Hornet Overnighter - 2011

Click here to see more pictures from the USS Hornet Overnighter!